Curriculum vitae

After completing my graduation I joined Spun Infonet Pvt Ltd., a company in Navsari which runs a portal site on Navsari (www.navsarionline.com). They also have the contracts to design and manage many other e-commerce sites. I worked with this firm for 1 ½ year.

Based on an application that I had made, I was recruited by the Economic Research Foundation (ERF) in Nov 2001. Economic Research foundation is an organization that undertakes research in development economics, and hosts a number of websites to disseminate the research output. Economic Research foundation is also the secretariat for the International Development Economics Associates (IDEAs) (www.networkideas.org), an organisation registered in London that brings out alternative economic policies to that of the IMF and World Bank.

ERF have one more website called MACROSCAN (www.macroscan.org). This is a site on contemporary economic issues with India in particular focus. I have now been promoted to the post of Web Manager, which leaves me in charge of maintenance of all the sites that ERF runs. I also handle the organization's System Administrative work.

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